Understanding the Client's Vision

Marketing Strategist

Our journey with Airdrie Funky Petals began with a simple yet crucial step: understanding their goals. One of the flower shop’s primary aims was to increase wedding contracts, a niche they were passionate about. Recognizing this, FLICKS Marketing Ltd. crafted a plan that promised growth in line with their goals.

Tailored Strategies to Achieve the Vision

Crafting a Digital Web Presence

The cornerstone of our strategy was developing a new branded website the business. The website was carefully designed to highlight their unique services, especially those they wanted to focus on, like wedding floral arrangements. It also served as a digital portfolio, showcasing their craftsmanship, awards, and expertise in floral design.

Gaining Visibility Through SEO

A crucial aspect of our strategy was implementing robust SEO services. Within just three months, we achieved a website ranking organically at #1 for key ‘flower shop’ search keywords in Airdrie. This feat not only increased their visibility but also positioned them as the go-to flower shop in the city.

Covering the Bases with Social Media

Social media ad management and campaign planning played a pivotal role in this success story. By crafting engaging and targeted ad campaigns, we managed to capture the essence of Airdrie Funky Petals and communicate it effectively to a broader audience. This approach led to a notable increase in sales and solidified their brand presence online.

A Blossoming Partnership

Crafting a Digital Web Presence

Having worked with Airdrie Funky Petals for over a year, we at FLICKS Marketing Ltd. take pride in this fruitful partnership. Our journey with them is a shining example of how digital marketing, when done right, can lead to remarkable success.

The story of Airdrie Funky Petals is more than just a business success; it’s a narrative that underscores the power of digital marketing in today’s world. It demonstrates how a well-thought-out digital strategy, combined with expert execution, can lead to extraordinary results.